50 Earth friendly things to do on St Croix
  1. Snorkel the only fuel it requires is kicking your feet a little! And it’s a great way to explore and get excited about preserving our underwater world.
  2. Grab a fish identification chart from one of the dive shops or snorkel tour operators and go on your own scavenger hunt around the island. 
  3. Use Reef Safe Sunscreen!
  4. Learn to hunt lionfish! You can even earn a PADI certification at one of our local Dive Shops.
  5. Go sailing aboard the Schooner Roseway with the World Ocean School when they are here with us for the winter season
  6. Get certified to Scuba dive and witness coral spawning on a night dive!
  7. Watch Chasing Coral. You can view the full feature Netflix Documentary for free. Click here.
  8. Did you know that St Croix is surrounded by one of the longest contiguous barrier reefs in the Caribbean? Learn about the endangered corals that surround St Croix.
  9. Take a trip to Buck Island Reef National Monument and learn about the ocean creatures in our backyard and ways you can help to protect them.
  10. Go horseback riding on the beach! Our friends at Cruzan Cowgirls use rescued horses on their exciting trail rides. Proceeds help to pay for the rescued herd and provide education to local horse owners.
  11. Go on a scavenger hunt for all the St Croix Sea Walls murals painted in 2019. These gorgeous murals represent ocean
  12. BYOB bring your own bag bring for groceries and your own reusable box for leftovers. Grab one of our organic cotton bags here.
  13. Just Say No to disposable plastic straws. There are so many other options nowadays and many of our restaurants and bars now offer metal, silicone, and even bamboo replacements.
  14. Just Say No to plastic flatware – if you are getting takeout, tell the restaurant you have your own and ask them not to pack plastic.
  15. Just Say No to Styrofoam and encourage restaurants to use reusable packaging instead.
  16. Just say Yes! to sustainable/reusable utensils and straws that you can make your own. Check out Café Christine for some great options for purchase.
  17. BYOC bring your own cup to the bar. You’ll find plenty for sale in our local shops.
  18. Get out There! Hike up Goat hill on the East End. The view of the entire island makes it worth the sweat.
  19. Fill ‘er Up! Opt out of one-time use water bottles and carry your own refillable bottle. Remember to stay hydrated while you’re in the islands.
  20. Try fresh coconut water! You’ll find roadside stands selling freshly harvested coconuts that they will machete open for you. Coconut water is full of electrolytes and one of the best ways to stay hydrated while you are here.
  21. Explore the St George Village Botanical Garden (SGVBG) and learn about the many tropical species growing there.
  22. Learn about the SGVBG Reforestation program at the Garden!
  23. Eat Responsible! at one of our Reef Responsible Restaurants who are committed to serving sustainably sourced, caught in-season fish from our waters.
  24. Shop Local and Eat Local! year-round at one of our many St Croix farmers markets.
  25. Try some locally grown tropical fruit – my favorite is Mango season in the summer time! Don’t miss the Botanical Garden’s annual Mango Melee festival each July.
  26. Shop Organic! produce at Art Farm and Ridge2Reef Farm.
  27. Drink Local! Visit the Sion Farm Distillery to learn more about breadfruit vodka and taste some too! Breadfruit is one of the most sustainable crops in the world and is on the rise on St Croix. Learn more here.
  28. Drink Local! Leatherback Brewing Company is a microbrewery that brews and cans all of its beer right here on St Croix. It tastes sweeter at the source.
  29. Drink Local! BrewSTX has been producing and serving their special small batch brews on tap for over 20 years. Sip a draft with a view of the Christiansted Harbor.
  30. Turn out the lights! Living on an island like St Croix you learn quickly about the high cost of energy. Turn off lights that you don’t need.
  31. Volunteer your time! There are so many local nonprofits that are always looking for helping hands. Reach out to one that is near and dear to your heart.
  32. Recycle! While St Croix is still behind on recycling overall, there is a great group of volunteers who have been working with Plaza Extra West for the past year or two. They typically accept plastic for recycling on Saturdays (operations have been halted for the time being due to the COVID-19 crisis, but they will be back). For updates go to: Plastic Drop off and Recycling Project
  33. Reuse! Bottles Reimagined takes discarded rum, wine and other glass bottles and turns them into glassware, candles and more! You can find them in many local shops like Mollys & at The Fred or shop Made on St Croix online.
  34. Visit the Fred! The newest hotel on St Croix is located beachside in downtown Frederiksted. During the renovation and new construction they have incorporated many green practices and innovations. The hotel uses LED lights and turtle safe lighting on the exterior to prevent nesting mothers and hatchlings from being turned away from returning to the ocean. Eat at Fred, the new restaurant uses environmentally friendly to-go containers and if you simply must use a straw, they provide bioplastic drinking straws. In room, you will be given the option to opt out of daily laundering of sheets and towels to reduce energy. The sheets are made of a microfiber that eliminates the need for bleach and the towels are bamboo. And everything is washed with rainwater caught in large cisterns.
  35. Go vegan! Even if you don’t plan to eat vegan every day, you can explore some fantastic vegan food options here on the island. Places like Tap Deck in Frederiksted, Ital in Paradise in Christiansted, and more offer delicious meals that won’t have you missing a thing.
  36. Grab your camera and go on a photo safari. St Croix has so many beautiful vistas. Be sure to capture as many as you can to make your memories permanent.
  37. Visit Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But it’s only open from Sept 1 through March 30 and only on weekends. Why? Because it is a critical nesting habitat for the Leatherback sea turtle and other endangered species that make St Croix their birthplace.
  38. Hike the Nature Conservancy trail to Jack & Isaac’s Bay and snorkel at Isaac’s along the pristine coral reef.
  39. Learn about sea turtles and ways you can help keep them safe.
  40. Learn about humpback whale migration through St Croix’s waters.
  41. Shop local! You’ll find artisans throughout Frederiksted and Christiansted who produce their own jewelry right here on the island.
  42. Hike to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools.
  43. Go paddle boarding!
  44. Kayak Salt River or anywhere offshore.
  45. Carry In, Carry Out.  be sure that you carry out any and ALL trash and items that you bring to the beach. Don’t leave behind your cigarette butts, beer cans or plastic cups. They end up in our oceans or littering our beaches. Pick up your trash and any other that you find on the beach. PLEASE do your part to protect our oceans!
  46. Spend a weekend or a week at Northside Valley eco-villas. This family-owned Caribbean estate is on the west end of St. Croix and hosts lush landscaping, ocean views, and eight eco-friendly vacation villas.  Stargaze at night, pick organic fruit by day, and stroll to nearby beaches whenever the mood strikes you.
  47. Explore the organic Ridge2Reef Farm out in the rainforest with a self-guided hike. You can even sign up for one their courses including the popular Bush Skills
  48. Reserve your spot at a Ridge to Reef Slow Down Dinner! These magical evenings feature local chefs preparing multi-course extravaganzas utilizing locally sourced and grown produce, seafood and meats. There is nothing quite like a delicious night under the stars!
  49. Sign up for one of the many Caribbean Earth Skills classes offered at Mount Victory Eco-camp. Mount Victory is a great place to stay too!
  50. Take a hike out by Great Pond. You can find the trailheads by the East End Marine Park Headquarters on the South Shore. You can find out about their various projects Click Here
  51. Bonus: Oh yes, we almost forgot – just kick back, relax and lime on any one of our incredible beaches!!
isaac bay beach

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