Located only 75 miles from Puerto Rico and just a couple hundred miles from South America, St Croix has a vibrant Latin community that is reflected in the local Latin Restaurants. Enjoy Puerto Rican & Mexican cuisine along with other local flavors.

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El Leon Restaurant

El Leon is a contemporary Mexican restaurant located on the boardwalk at the King Christian Hotel. With open-air views of Christiansted Harbor and a modern exquisitely detailed Mexican atmosphere, El Leon Restaurant opened in October 2022 is a welcome addition to the boardwalk. The menu features contemporary takes on traditional Mexican fare including tacos, tiraditos, and more. They also have a well-stocked bar with a fine selection of tequilas and other spirits. Hang out by the pool at the King Christian Hotel with a pool pass ($20) and a margarita from the El Leon walk-up bar!
1102 Kings Wharf, Christiansted Downtown & Boardwalk, St Croix 00820

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