Reef Responsible Restaurants on St Croix

The Reef Responsible Sustainable Seafood Initiative is a voluntary program designed to help create a sustainable seafood industry in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Officially “Reef Responsible” is defined as: the use of coral reefs and other marine natural resources so as to not deplete stocks or otherwise cause harm or degradation to those natural resources.

Local restaurants that are committed to supporting local fisherman, while making conscious decisions about the seafood that they purchase, prepare, and service, receive the Reef Responsible designation. They “See Food Sustainably”!

Follow them on Facebook for more information on how you can help to protect our reefs! And be sure to patronize and thank the following restaurants for volunteering to be Reef Responsible!

To acquire the designation restaurants pledge to:

  • Support the local commercial fishing industry by purchasing local and responsibly harvested seafood.
  • Increase personal knowledge of local lists and seasonal closures so as to improve compliance.
  • Increase wait staff awareness of local lists and seasonal closures to improve their communication with patrons
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