When you visit the Caribbean, to get the full experience you simply must taste the food. More than simply tropical fruit flavors – West Indian cuisine carries tradition, culture, and spice! Much of the food evolved from enslaved workers and the poorer class who had to make do with lesser cuts of meat and fish along with items they could sustainably harvest themselves. So flavoring these dishes with spices and locally grown herbs became an important part of the tradition. With influences from Africa, Native America, India, and Europe through trade and migrant workforces who brought their culture and traditions, you’ll find delicious dishes that range from comfort foods like roti, conch in butter, and pates to more modern and elevated twists with influences from the many different islands and cultures throughout the West Indies. You’ll also find many West Indian food trucks across the island at lunch time and through the day. Don’t be shy! It may be the best meal you have on St Croix.

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